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The goal of the Suffolk School Employees Health Plan is to provide our members and their families with a comprehensive, high quality, affordable health plan in order for them to live the healthiest lives possible. We are a self-funded, self-administered plan offering health coverage to the employees, dependents and retirees of the Smithtown, South Country, and Three Village school districts. Tailored for the needs of both employer and employee, SSEHP offers personalized service to all those covered under the Plan as well as direct input into the Plan's operation. In addition, SSEHP has the same fiscal year as school districts so there is no uncertainty as to the cost of health coverage during the budgetary process. All costs and benefits are determined by the school district representatives on the Board of Trustees of the Plan.

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Group health plans sponsored by State and local governmental employers must generally comply with Federal law requirements in title XXVII of the Public Health Service Act. However, these employers are permitted to elect to exempt a plan from the requirements listed below for any part of the plan that is "self-funded" by the employer, rather than provided through a health insurance policy. The Suffolk School Employees Health Plan has elected to exempt Suffolk School Employees Health Plan from the following requirements:

Protections against having benefits for mental health and substance use disorders be subject to more restrictions than apply to medical and surgical benefits covered by the plan.

The exemption from these Federal requirements began on January 1, 2018 and will continue through 2019.  This election may be renewed for subsequent plan years. 

Please be advised, this notice should not be construed as meaning that mental health and substance use disorders are not covered by the Suffolk School Employees Health Plan.  Please review the Summary Plan Description regarding the extent to which coverage is provided.

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